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Make a Donation to the Williamsburg-James City County Republican Committee

     Thank you for your generous contribution to the Williamsburg- James City County Republican Committee.  Your donation helps us support candidates that stand for the Sanctity of Life, protection of Individual Rights and Liberties, Limited Government, Fiscal Restraint at all levels of government, Legal Immigration, belief in the Free Enterprise System, a strong National Defense, Faith in God as established by our Founding Fathers and the US Constitution as written.  We strongly oppose those seeking to subvert the Constitution, expand the role of government and curtail individual rights and freedom including those of the unborn and most vulnerable among us.  

     We cannot do this without your support.  As a volunteer organization, we rely on our donors and volunteers to fulfill our mission.  We are grateful for your support and invite all who are concerned about the future of our Nation, Commonwealth, County and City to join us in our fight against Socialism, Fascism, open borders, attacks on our First and Second Amendment rights and the unfettered expansion of Government at all levels to join us in this fight.  The time to act is now - before it is too late.  Please join WJCCRC and help us Keep America Great.

You may send a check made payable to the address provided below also.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

You may also click on the link below to donate electronically. 

Thank you so much for your contributions!

Williamsburg-James City County Republican Committee (WJCCRC)

P.O. Box 2104

Williamsburg, VA 23187


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