Our Candidates

To our Volunteers,

     The Williamsburg James City County Republican Committee extends a sincere "Thank You" to the volunteers and donors who contributed their time and treasure in support of WJCCRC and the various Republican campaigns in this election cycle. Whether an election is won or lost, your hard work and efforts are always recognized, valued and are greatly appreciated! Thank you all very much!

To our Candidates,

      Thank you for your valiant efforts in upholding the Republican and Conservative values that are important to your constituents. We all commend you for your hard work and sacrifices that you made to ensure the values of the party are upheld in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Congratulations to Senator Tommy Normant, Delegate Amanda Batten, Nate Green (Commonwealth Attorney), Sherriff David J. Harden, Sue Sadler (Member Board of Supervisors for the Stonehouse District), Sandra Young (Member School Board for the Berkley District) and D. Greg Dowell, Jr. (Member School Board for the Stonehouse District).

Thank you all for everything! Now we must focus on re-electing President Donald J. Trump for his second term and the upcoming Virginia U.S Senate race!



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