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1st District Convention

WJCC Republicans,

The 1st District Convention was held today in King William County, and WJCC was represented by 22 Delegates Congratulations to David Botkins, Jack Blakely, and DeLois Stallman, who won their seats for State Central Committee.  Randy Eaton is our Presidential Elector for the 1st District. Special thanks to Lauren Keiser for her hard work while serving on SCC.

WJCCRC was well represented in serving today.  Special thanks to all of our delegates, to Chris Henderson for his excellent time keeping for speakers, Kathy Rothchild for serving on the Credentials Committee,  Chris Woodfin for serving as Chair of the Rules Committee, and to Josh Mayes for serving on rules Committee.

An extra special thank you to WJCCRC's Jeff Ryer, 1st District Chair, who presided over today’s Convention.

Several people have asked what role the State Central Committee serves, so I asked Josh Mayes (WJCCRC), who is also on SCC, to help with an explanation:

“The State Central Committee is the organizing body of the Republican Party of Virginia. We handle the annual budget, oversee the election for any statewide campaign, and also serve as the committee of final resort for any disputes or appeals that come up within the state.”

Today proved to be a great opportunity to network with other localities, share ideas, and encourage one another.

I hope to see you all on May 19th at the Just Right Party. We’ll have lots of Trump merchandise on hand for sale, so please sign up to attend soon!

With appreciation,

Sue Sadler, Chair

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